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2013-05-26 - Psalms 51


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Sermon Passage: Titus 2:1,3-5

  1. They have a teachable spirit.
  2. They are reverent (a right attitude that produces right actions in their relationship with God).
  3. They teach others.
  4. They are loving.
  5. They exhibit self-control.
  6. They are pure (have a clean heart).
  7. They are active.
  8. They are kind.
  9. They have a submissive heart.
  10. They know that they have something to pass onto younger mothers.

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1. Giants are for real

2. This giant's intent is to mock God through His people

3. We can be intimidated into inactivity

4. God is greater than any giant

5. There are those that will jealous of you faith

6. Some will tell you that you are not mature enough to fight

7.  Those that are unwilling to fight, will tell you how to fight

8. Arm yourself with weapons that you are familiar with

9. In the midst of battle, the enemy will taunt you

10. Often you will stand alone in a fight, but if you stay strong, others will follow

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